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Are you looking for the perfect place for a bike holiday with friends? Do the roads of Oisans and its famous itineraries tempt you? Do you dream of the mythical ascent of Alpe d'Huez? This small family hotel combines sporting and gastronomic adventures.

01 Jul 2024 - Sep 30 2024
Le Freney-d'Oisans
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Hotel Le Cassini ***
An "Accueil Vélo" base camp. A charming little hotel overlooking a mountain stream, with simple and comfortable rooms - just what you need for a good night's sleep in the mountains. Here you are warmly welcomed, you feel good, you are already relaxing... Sophia loves to chat and share your adventures of the day with you. Maarten, a cycling enthusiast, will always offer good advice to add to your day's programme. Here, we feel like we're old friends.

During your stay:

Experience an epicurean holiday.
Breakfast is of course a hearty meal, with a special mention for the ultra-local honey from Freney d'Oisans. Dinner is a festival of flavours, thanks to Maarten's creative, tasty cuisine. He is a cook who bears his choices bravely, no tartiflette or raclette, but instead recipes inspired by world cuisine with fresh, locally sourced produce. Flavours and fragrances from North Africa are happily blended with aromas from Asia or Mediterranean fragrances. As for desserts, the walnut tart with its Grand Marnier cream is a favourite with sports enthusiasts. Are you salivating with envy?

In Oisans, you can climb a myth.
From "Le Cassini", you can eye up the biggest passes, but don't be overwhelmed by these alpine giants, the Galibier, Croix de Fer, and of course the ascent of Alpe d'Huez will soon be on your list of achievements.
And if you're not in great shape, try an e-bike. Bikes adapt to everyone to enable thel to ride together!

Delve into the wonderful world of vintage bikes.
Laurent's world revolves around bikes and not just any bike - the old bike found in the attic. The greater the challenge to restore it, the more passion he has. Hunting down the right good vintage crankset for months on end, absolutely identical to the original one? No worries, the task will be accomplished. If you haven't met an enthusiast, a real one, for a long time, push open the door of Laurent's shop "La Bicicletta"... You will be transported years back in time. However, there is one risk in that you may not leave until nightfall as once he has got going on his subject, Laurent is inexhaustible.

Climb up to "La Croix de Cassini".
As a historical site chosen to map the Ecrins massif and the surrounding mountains, La Croix de Cassini has a real 360° panorama. The Cassini maps, drawn more than 250 years ago, are as accurate as our IGN maps. Are you curious? Take a picnic and go and see the ocean of summits for yourself!

White water
As you always want to vary the pleasures when you're on holiday (and your calf muscles need a break), you absolutely must try a trip down the glacial torrent of the Vénéon. When the day is too hot to pedal, put on a lifejacket and strengthen your abdominal muscles. You're guaranteed to have a lot of fun!

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Road bike Road bike


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