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About On Piste

ON PISTE is a service offered by the Rossignol Group that offers sports enthusiasts of all levels free access, on a single platform, to information on the best signposted trails, high quality accommodation, good equipment and essential places to call in at along the way, to help them discover new destinations on foot, by bike or on skis.   


We prefer legwork to algorithms and visit destinations in person

This selection is the result of fact-finding trips by the ON PISTE team, with each area recommended and including passionate locals.   


In a world where we are overwhelmed with information of varying reliability online, we are choosing to focus on quality and human factors rather than quantity and a mass of unverified data.

So if you too prefer to make the most of your free time exploring the great outdoors instead of planning your next trip online, welcome to On Piste 😊 


We open the doors to responsible wonder! 

ON PISTE is designed for sports enthusiasts of all levels, who regard sport as a source of discovery, encounters and well-being, and who seek to practise their passion with respect for natural spaces and local residents. 



History: in a changing world nature is a constant! 

Since 2011, we have supported resorts with the development of high-quality trails and services to attract sports enthusiasts and active holidaymakers all year round, with respect for local natural and human resources. Many of you have taken up our services over the last 10 years and we would like to thank you for your loyalty! 

It all started with the 1st Trail Running Resort in the Chartreuse area in 2011, quickly followed by the Trail Running Resorts Network which, in 2021, includes over 40 trail destinations! View all Trail Running Resorts  

Conscients de votre appétit grandissant pour d’autres pratiques outdoor, nous avons décliné notre savoir-faire autour d’autres sports :

Up until 2020, each sport destination Network had its own website and mobile app. However, continuously adapting to your wishes, in 2022, we have decided to bring all these beautiful destinations together on a single platform: On Piste! A simpler, more practical tool with even more features!



Where does the Rossignol Group come into all this? 

Rossignol was created in 1907 by Abel Rossignol, a carpenter and passionate skier from the Voiron area of France, who decided to make his first pair of skis from solid wood. 

Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength and, thanks to you, has evolved to become the world number one in the ski market, and a multi-brand, multi-sport and multi-season group, while remaining true to its values: offering its customers a memorable sporting experience, ‘Another Best Day’! 



ON PISTE is a service that Rossignol makes available to active individuals to help them to more easily and intensely live out their sporting emotions! This tool is free for users and respects your privacy as no data is collected by Rossignol without your consent. 

This also allows Rossignol to build even stronger bonds with its partner resorts and to pursue its commitment to the sustainable development of its activities (find out more about the Respect Program). 



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How does the ON PISTE app work?  

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We have picked out for you the best destinations and routes, marked out by local experts and respectful of the environments in which they take place. Routes, accommodation, courses, races, equipment, find all the good addresses and recommendations of the On Piste team to organise your next walking, cycling or skiing session. Let us guide you and don't miss any point of interest.
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