KMV Aizkorri

Zegamako Udala, Zegama
5.49 km Distance
40min-1:15h Duration
1155 m Positive elevation
4 m Negative elevation
1456 m Max. altitude
Hard Difficulty



The Aizkorri vertical kilometre begins on the road that leads to the Zegama train stop. There are 2 ways of getting there:

1.-By car (fromZegama), we head in the direction of Alsasua (towards the Otzaurte mountain pass) and, after leaving Zegama, turn right at the crossroads where there is a sign indicating the climb to the train stop. After approximately 2 km on a 180º bend, there is a signpost indicating the entrance to the wood (100 metres away) where the climb begins.

2.-On foot. From the Interpretation Centre in Anduetza take path Nº10; after climbing the first asphalted slope, which is very steep, we turn to the left. We pass the Altziturrigarakoa farmhouse on the right and, at the end, where the concrete road bends at an angle of 180º,we carry straight on along the path leading to the wood. In 10 minutes, we will reach a bend in the road where there is a sign indicating the entrance to the wood (100 metres away), which is where the climb begins.

The whole route is marked with red dots. If you cease to see continuous dots, return to the last dot. However, for your safety, the use of a GPS is compulsory. The weather can change quickly which could lead to you gettinglost in the mist. With snow or in bad weather, some of the markings will not be visible.


The definition of the Vertical Kilometre: 1,000 metres of gradient over the shortest possible distance 


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