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Hiru Mendi Zerrak

Plaza de los Fueros, Altsasu,
48.24 km Distance
4:00h-7:00h Duration
2145 m Positive elevation
2146 m Negative elevation
1133 m Max. altitude
Very hard Difficulty




Throughout the 48 km of route, this route allows to know the surroundings of Altsasu and the nearby municipalities, as well as the rich natural and historical heritage of the area (dolmens, menires, emblematic mountains, beech trees, rafts, etc.). Although it is a long-distance route, it does not present a high technical requirement.


This route goes through the Urbasa-Andia Natural Park. Behave with respect and take care of the environment. More information: https://espaciosnaturales.navarra.es/es/…





The Uharte Arakil City Council project “Sakana Trail Station” has been co-financed with € 40,181.68, by the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 (PDR 2014-2020), through EAFRD funds (65%) and the Government of Navarra ( 35%). Europe invests in rural areas.



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Trail running Trail running




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