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Zegama-Anduetza, Zegama
10.05 km Distance
1:15h-2:15h Duration
576 m Positive elevation
575 m Negative elevation
852 m Max. altitude
Medium Difficulty



The Arranoaitz route starts at the reception base in Anduetza. The route starts in the asphalt roads, and starts to climb the mountain opposite the Zegama-Aizkorri marathon. Once we reach the last village we leave the nearby track and enter a mountain road. Not much above our path turns right, leaving the descent of the marathon. We follow a comfortable track to the top of Elortxiki, where we see a shelter. From this point we start the descent. After leaving the summit of Elortxiki, our path coincides with the GR-34 at a steep right turn. If we see that we have reached a hamlet called Urrusti, we turn around and climb a little to find the intersection. Be careful in this decline, as there are sections where the path is not very clear and there is an area where there is a small cut. When we get down, we will take a section of local roads and, following a path, we reach the starting point. Trail Running Resorts markings, with red and white marks on the GR-34 section and with yellow Zegama-Aizkorri spots. However, and for your safety, it is compulsory to use GPS. The weather can change quickly and cause losses due to fog. On snowy days or bad weather, part of the signals will not be visible.

Through our practice, it is essential to respect the work of the farmers, other operators and owners who welcome us on their land :

So that the herds do not escape, close all the electric fences tightly and do not damage them!


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Trail running Trail running




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