Trail running: I run therefore I sweat

Trail running: I run therefore I sweat

The trail scene has convinced over 1.5 millions runners across France, and numbers are still growing! Trail running is possibly the biggest outdoor sport success story of the last decade. 20 years ago, the sport was still very much a niche discipline, closely guarded by a few elite mountain athletes.

Today, it has become an ambition and aspiration, if not a way of life, for thousands of runners searching for the secrets of nature, the outdoor experience and the physical challenge.



Since the inauguration of the first Station de Trail® in the Chartreuse area in 2011, at a time when the discipline was only just emerging, we have set up over 40 more in collaboration with the local communities: from east to west, from north to south, from the beach to the mountains and even the cities, trail running brings you the great outdoors.



No matter the distance, the speed or the climb, if like us, running in the wilderness gives you wings (and sometimes blisters!!), then you will find what you’re looking for at one of our Trail Stations.

Each is unique, offering different landscapes, encounters and emotions, but all are committed to offering you quality, marked trails and numerous services to take your experience to new heights.




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