The Alpine trail
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The Alpine trail

Ut4M and its 12 races, from 20 to 175 km, offers all runners, from beginners to elite, the chance to set themselves their own challenge. A rather unusual tour of the Grenoble metropolitan area through our 4 mountain ranges!

18 Jul 2024 - Jul 21 2024
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The Alpine trail


What makes Ut4M unique?

- A route that crosses the 4 mountain ranges surrounding Grenoble - Vercors, Taillefer, Belledonne and Chartreuse - taking runners into 4 different worlds in terms of terrain, weather conditions and panoramas.

- The Challenge 160 or 80 formulas, two races with a daily stage of 40 or 20 km, which allow you to discover a mountain range each day and enjoy a rest or relaxation time with your family or friends.

- The 12 races spread over 4 days offer 90 possible combinations! Last year, after winning the Ut4M 160 Xtrem, Casquette Verte ran the 40 Chartreuse, covering a total of 212 km!

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