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Trois Dents VKM

Front de neige Place du Sarrière - Gourette, Eaux-Bonnes
Les Trois Dents,
3.31 km Distance
1:40h-3:19h Duration
998 m Positive elevation
8 m Negative elevation
2359 m Max. altitude
Hard Difficulty



Departure from Gourette resort. You will take the ski slopes in the opposite direction, and follow the line of the t-bar, until you reach the one called Cinto. After 900 D+, you will ski in two scree slopes, one of which requires you to "put your hands".
Be careful and be sure to support yourself!

The definition of the "Vertical Kilometre" is simple: 1000 metres of difference in height over the shortest possible distance.
Difference in height: 1015 m+ - Distance: 3.27 Km - Average slope: 31%.

Marks are positioned on the course, every 100 m of difference in height, they serve as landmarks during your ascent, or to carry out your training by splitting the ascent.
Climbing Speed (CS): if you do a VKM in 1 hour, your CS will be 1000 m/hour. This CS will be higher if you are in better shape and if the slope is steep.
Objectives :
The objectives of this type of training are to increase your CS.
Ability to make long uphill efforts and to increase one's Ascent Speed by doing Long and Very Long Interval training. This will allow you to go faster during long climbs on classic trails and in VKM competitions. Here are a few examples of training according to your level: beginner or advanced.

Evaluate your average climbing speed (CS) over 1000 m.
CS = 3600 / ascent time in seconds x Elevation gain.
E.g.: a runner does the VKm in 45' his CS will be 3600 / 2700 x 1015= 1353 m/h against an average slope of 31%.

Reference table :
Your time: 30' 35' 40' 45' 50' 55' 1h00 1h05 1h10 1h15 1h20 1h25 1h30
Your CS m/h : 2030 1740 1523 1353 1218 1107 1015 937 870 812 761 716 677

These exercises will help you to improve your regularity when climbing. Before your ascent, warm up by jogging at a slow pace for 15 minutes, then do some educational knee lifts, leg bends on your thighs for 3 to 5 minutes. To progress on the VKM it is better to do 100, 200 m+ or 500 m+ at a higher speed than to do the whole D+.

The definition of the Vertical Kilometre: 1,000 metres of difference in height over the shortest possible distance.

Little practical advice: No session without hydration, appropriate dilution of drinks according to the outside temperature (the hotter it is, the more you dilute your drink). We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the durations and types of exercises proposed are indicative and may require a more personal adaptation, according to your own parameters (VMA, training level, ...). Traditional running training must always be complemented by specific training in the workshops and also by general physical preparation. These aspects of training are important because they significantly improve performance, recovery and limit the risk of injury. For more information, please consult our coaches. www.stationsdetrail.com

Through our practice, it is essential to respect the work of the farmers, other operators and owners who welcome us on their land:

So that the herds do not escape, close all the electric fences well and do not damage them!

Also, do not disturb the herds, greet the people you meet with a friendly "hello", and of course bring back all your rubbish! Don't cut through the meadows, and don't picnic either.


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