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Trail Loop initiation

Télécabine de Bézou (haut), Eaux-Bonnes
1.86 km Distance
55 m Positive elevation
52 m Negative elevation
1610 m Max. altitude
Easy Difficulty



A magnificent Trail Loop of initiation for young and old. The varied terrain is ideal for discovering the practice in a superb mountain atmosphere.

Workshop information :
Departure and arrival are at the top of the Bézou gondola.
The Trail Card, available at the Welcome Base, allows you to benefit from special rates to get there (Gondola + Return Train).

Objectives Trail Loop :

To improve its regularity on routes with many changes of pace.

Prepare the respiratory, cardiac and muscular systems for competition

Improve aerobic endurance

Notions to know :
We all have an ability to metabolize a certain amount of oxygen, this ability largely determines the performance we are able to achieve. In order to improve this capacity we must exercise at a fairly high pace. It is obvious that this rhythm cannot be maintained for very long, so to achieve this we will have to run differently. The exercises will be done in intervals, in the form of a running time followed by a recovery time at a slower pace, even very slow if you start. In this way we will be able to maintain a high level of effort on these parts of the run and obtain the improvement of this capacity that we will call VMA (Maximum Aerobic Speed).
Going faster, but also longer:
The Trail is an endurance race. It is important to have a good capacity (VMA) but it is not enough, it is also necessary to have a good Endurance. It is the quality that allows you to maintain a high % of this capacity (VMA). The difference can be very large between 2 individuals who have the same Ability (MAV) and not the same Stamina. For example, some individuals are able to maintain on about 3h00 65% of their capacity(VMA°, the most enduring up to 85%. For the same capacity (VMA), the least enduring could do a Trail in 4h00 and the most enduring in 3h00. On this workshop we will work in relatively long intervals from 6 min to 20 min. Working in long intervals will improve this ability and will also improve your endurance. This work must be completed by training in shorter intervals from 20 sec to 3 min at a very high speed, they can be done on a Trail. On this loop we will also improve your ability to be consistent on a lap with different difficulties, both uphill and downhill. A kind of mini Trail. The goal is always to do all these repetitions at the same speed.

Warm-up : After a slow pace warm-up jog for at least 15 minutes, do a couple of
educational (knee lifts, flexions, squats, heels on thighs and active stretching).

How fast should I run?

The highest speed you can maintain throughout the exercise. Don't go too fast. In general on this type of run you are at the limit of
to be able to speak while running, this marker is reliable but requires a little practice.
To check the quality of your work, take your time on your turn, they must be constant. This reference will also be used to check your progress during the sessions.

Small practical advice: No session without hydration, appropriate dilution of drinks according to the outside temperature (the hotter it is, the more you dilute your drink). We draw your attention to the fact that the durations and types of exercises proposed are indicative and may require a more personal adaptation, depending on your own parameters (VMA, training level, ...). Traditional running training must always be completed by specific training, on the workshops and also by general physical preparation. These aspects of training are important because they significantly improve performance, recovery and limit the risk of injury. For more information, consult our coaches. www.stationsdetrail.com

Through our practice, it is essential to respect the work of the farmers, other operators and owners who welcome us on their land:

So that the herds do not escape, close all the electric fences well and do not damage them!

Also, do not disturb the herds, greet the people you meet with a friendly "hello", and of course bring back all your garbage! Don't cut routes across the meadows, and don't picnic either!


Tip: Download this route before you leave and let the Trail Running Resorts app guide you.


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Trail running Trail running



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