Trail running Trail running

Atelier Boucle Fartlek

Arnocamps camping, Herbeumont
2.96 km Distance
20min-45min Duration
115 m Positive elevation
116 m Negative elevation
374 m Max. altitude
Easy Difficulty



Objectives :



Adapt your running speed to the different profiles on a technical and varied course

Improve your running on very technical descents

Improve your ability to climb.



If you notice fallen trees on the course, missing signposts or any other question, please let us know at: contact@herbeumont-tourisme.be




It is essential that we respect the work of the farmers and other landowners who welcome us onto their land:


In order to prevent the herds from escaping, please close all electric fences and do not damage them!



Also, do not disturb the herds, greet people with a friendly "hello", and of course take back all your rubbish! Don't cut routes through the meadows, don't pick at them either!


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Trail running Trail running




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